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According to statistics published by RXPatrol, there have been 6,373 documented cases of pharmacy crimes since 2003. Individuals are robbing pharmacies across the country at escalating rates after drugs with street values of as much as $100.00 per pill. At the same time, these same high street value drugs are being diverted (stolen by employees) at an even faster pace. This demand for narcotics has reached a national epidemic and the robberies have become so frequent and violent that we can read about them in the paper everyday. As a result pharmacies are facing very stringent inventory tracking and reporting requirements by the DEA for CII classdrugs.

The Federal law requires that pharmacies account for CII narcotics with a manual perpetual inventory log for every pill acquired and dispensed. The current system used by pharmacies is a handwritten logbook which is time consuming and prone to human error especially during peak dispensing times.

Internal theft from pharmacy employees is also on the rise. The standard locking metal key cabinet has not been sufficient to control accesses to these medications and curb internal theft. Camera systems have also not been able to slow down or control this problem of epidemic proportions. Part of the issue concerning the use of camera systems to control internal theft or diversion is the unrealistic thought of pharmacy staff having & taking the time to review thousands and thousands of hours of recordings to identify employees actively involved in diversion.

Seattle News Video of the Robbery Problem in Washington State


PharmaSafe's security and pharmacy automation products all share a common goal: deterrence & control of armed robbery, internal medication diversion and pharmacy theft; and increased productivity for pharmacy staff employees by offering the following features in each system:
  • Secure & control all user access to narcotics and high theft items. The system will record every attempt to access medication, whether it is legitimate or a diversion attempt by an employee.

    When a prescription is received the PharmaSafe50 will activate a programmable time delay ranging from zero to sixty minutes before dropping the requested count of medication for a particular prescription
  • Advanced automated counting technology that processes [X] pills per second while reducing adverse drug events
  • Electronic perpetual Inventory control log and reporting system compliant with Federal DEA requirements. All inventory processes are stored by the central computer system for complete accountability and can be printed for pharmacy and DEA audits
  • Proprietary software interface with biometric authentication system and time delay functionality for accessing and dispensing of drugs
  • Time-delay programing utilizing biometrics, Dallas Keys, or pass code authentication system controls, records & reports all access to the safe.
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