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The Next Level for Pharmacy Automation, Security & Dispensing

PharmaSafe was founded in 2008 to address some of the major problems facing the retail pharmacy market today: armed robbery, theft and internal diversion of controlled substances. 
As drug diversion worsens across the country and the volume of prescriptions dispensed each year continues to rise, pharmacies are in need of an integrated solution that increases pharmacy productivity while greatly reducing theft and internal diversion of controlled substances. Ultimately, only those pharmacies able to secure, track and dispense controlled substances will be best positioned to survive in the competitive marketplace. Abuse and diversion of controlled prescription drugs cost public and private medical insurers an estimated $72.5 billion per year (source: The National Prescription Drug Threat Assessment 2009.
Pharmasafe's innovative line of product's sole purpose is to provide user accountable secure dispensing, management and storage of narcotics and other high theft items. Each Pharmasafe products adds value for its customer by offering the following features:
  • Improving employee retention and productivity by providing a safer and more secure work environment
  • Eliminating potential for U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency sanctions, fines (multi-million dollars in some cases), and potential loss of pharmacy certification and licensure required to dispense narcotic drugs.
  • Increasing the speed and accuracy of the prescription filling process while decreasing the number of mis-fills and adverse drug events
  • Lowering labor costs retail pharmacies can fill many times their current prescription volume with out having to hire additional staff 
  • Increasing customer service and patient care by allowing pharmacists to spend more time counseling patients and less time managing pill counts & manually filling prescriptions
  • Reducing the amount of time required for a pharmacist to fill prescriptions by automating the process
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