Always Ready for an Audit


PharmaSafe Software is Welcomed by the DEA


Today, narcotic drug distribution is ladened with documentation caused by federal and state regulations. The very labor-intensive process of recording and entering CII medications leaves plenty of room for exposure to internal thefts as well as human error in logging these medications.

As a result, the bottom line for pharmacies is greatly affected. PharmaSafe offers automated narcotic tracking and accountability. Nowit is easy to meet DEA and State Board of Pharmacy guidelines and avoid fines.

PharmaSafe's Perpetual Inventory Log and Management software enables a pharmacy to track, monitor, and control the movement of controlled substances from the drug wholesaler to the end user as well as provide an accurate perpetual inventory log. It significantly reduces the risk of DEA sanctions and fines, provides effective regulatory stands compliance, and increases pharmacy efficiency.

Comprehensive reporting will be offered including:
  • Inventory Reports
  • Usage and Tracking reports
  • Systems access reports
  • DEA compliant reports for transmitting require data on CII, CIII-IV, legend drug and controlled drugs. This report can be transmitted directly to a pharmacy's central office for the DEA for review or storage

Frees Up Pharmacist Time


Another benefit of the PharmaSafe products is that they save pharmacists time by using automating narcotic dispensing.

CII drug dispending is now fast, reliable, and easy. Narcotic dispensing is a time consuming task.  Pharmacists must take the time to check the ordered medication against the patient's medical record, search for narcotic keys to the cabinet, document administrative records and reconcile narcotic records after each shift.

Pharmasafe's systems store, count, and release all drugs under computer control to ensure highly accurate prescription filling. Our units are unrivaled in their use of bar code scanning, security, and software protocols for dispensing of Narcotic medications.

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