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Nobody Knows Your Needs Like a Pharmacist


 PharmaSafe+ was founded by a pharmacist to offer sensible and specialized security solutions to Pharmacies currently under siege by criminals and drug seekers.
 PharmaSafe+’s Narcotic Safes & Cabinets have been carefully & specifically designed just for Pharmacists for the control of Narcotics & High Value Drugs.
 PharmaSafe+’s Narcotic Safes have been meticulously engineered by Pharmacist’s to fit into existing Pharmacy shelving fixture units.
 PharmaSafe+’s products offer a highly visible physical deterrent to Burglary, Robbery, & Diversion Crimes.
Unlike competitors safes designed to broadly handle all industries in a non-specialized manner,
PharmaSafe+’s Narcotic Safes offer Pharmacists, Doctors, & other Health Professionals a highly customized industry specific solution.
 PharmaSafe+ offers pharmacists a product which incorporates a secure storage solution into existing work flow while facilitating product dispensing all in one product, PharmaSafe+’s Protector Series line of Narcotics Safes.
 PharmaSafe+’s industry specific solutions have quickly become the preferred Security Solution & choice of Pharmacists industry wide.

Trust your Pharmacy security needs to a one of your own.

Nobody knows your needs like a Pharmacist. PharmaSafe+, proud to be a Pharmacist owned company.

Protector Series Narcotic Safe Solutions

NC-1284 Protector Elite
The Protector NC-1277 is our most popular Narcotic Safe. This Narcotic Safe requires no remodeling & has been specially designed to work with existing Pharmacy Shelving Systems.
The dimensions of the our standard unit are 36 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 77 inches tall and comes with adjustable shelving. Other widths are also available and custom orders of any size are welcome.
Customers will be able to remove an existing pharmacy shelving section and bolt this unit in to get high-level security for Control medications. The standard unit Protector Series Safe is locked with a high security key.
This unit can be ordered with high security & audit reporting Electronic Access Controllers :
  • Protector Plus -Electronic entry keypad mechanism 9 users & 512 Audits /IncorporatesTime Delay Narcotic Access Control System.
  • Protector Elite -Biometic Digital entry keypad mechanism 99 users & 4,000 Audits Incorporates Time Delay Narcotic Access Control System.
Both Upgraded Electronic Entry Systems utilize Time Delay Access to deter robbery; will control and record all user access to this Narcotic Safe to deter diversion; & have a Duress / Silent Alarm feature which connects to stores existing Alarm system to call for help.  

Paramedic & EMT Safes


Stop Pharmaceutical Diversion and Pharmacy Robberies

The First Secure Automated Narcotics Dispenser.

The PharmaSafe PS-50 is designed in a secure high strength steel (or Stainless steel) pharmacy cabinet with proprietary locking systems that utilize Time Delay Access to all Narcotics. This unit deters both robberies and internal pharmaceutical diversion. The unit has been securely designed with high strength materials in a series of layers that fit together in precise sequences that maximize the difficulty and time required to breach the cabinet. All user access is recorded and logged into the reporting system to deter diversion.

The top two thirds of the unit house advanced counting technology supplied by Innovation Associates. The dispensing cells are locked in place and accessible only for refilling or maintenance by an electronic locking control system which uses a pre-set time delay for each Narcotic. Only authorized pharmacy staff can program the Time Delays in zero to sixty-minute increments. Staff members will be required to use two sets of authentication to ID them as a user in the system for each access (choose from 6 digit PIN code, biometric fingerprint reader, or Dallas Key).

The bottom third of the pharmacy safe securely houses the back stock of (CII) controlled drugs or high theft drugs in two Backstock drawers which also can only be accessed thru pre-set Time Delays by authorized users. Secured products in the drawers will include full bottle storage awaiting a need for refilling dispenser's, patches, liquids and tablets.

Standard Features:

Upper section houses medications that will be dispensed automatically

  • Lower section houses “back stock”
  • Double doors overlay the entire cabinet for secure lock up security overnight and prevention of burglary break-ins. The main doors will be left open during pharmacy operating hours.
  • Programmable locking door & drawer mechanisms (time delay from zero to 60 minutes)
  • All user drug access is logged, recorded & time stamped individually
  • Authentication options including 6 digit PIN code, Dallas key access control, biometric finger print reader.
  • Duress holds up alarm with silent alarm option (need existing security system & Phone Line)
  • Capacity of 50 dispenser units
  • Automation designed and manufactured by Innovation (“Smart Cabinet” optional)
  • Modular and ergonomic design
  • State of the art electronic Access Controller
  • Designed to be permanently bolted to floor
  • High quality craftsmanship and powder coated steel (or stainless steel) finishes.
  • Approximate dimensions are 27 ¾ “ W x 17 ¼ ” D x 75 ½ ” H – Weight 550 lbs

Innovation Dispensers:

  • Hopper capacity of 800 CC
  • Handles all tablet and caplet types
  • Whisper quiet counting mechanism
  • Requires minimal maintenance

PS50 Specifications



  • Automated counting technology 
  • Programmable Time-Delay Dispensing  
  • Programmable Time-Delay Safe Door Opening
  • The Safe Wizard
  • Software Interface and Inventory Control 
  • Electronic CII Ordering

PS50R Retro Fit to Capitalize on What You Have in Shop

This unit is geared for customers whom have an Innovation counting cabinet and they want to change it to a PS cabinet.

PS50A Save by Using Existing Software

PS50A is an additional cabinet for a customer whom either already has a PS50 or an Innovation cabinet.

PS50A Expandable


Should your pharmacies volume or need increase the PS-50 family of products are expandable to any number of additional units. The additional units can have dispensers in groups of 10 starting with 10 and going up to 50 dispensers for each unit.

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