Deter Pharmacy Robberies and Employee Medication Diversion
While Increasing Your Bottom Line


Security of your narcotics effects both your bottom line profitability and the safety of your employees.  While employee safety and department profitability can be hard to quantify, we can not deny there are costs associated to the threat of either area.
Most pharmacys do not know how to handle the security issues surrounding CSII meds.  PharmaSafe has the solution with our group of products.

Human Safety


Time Delay Option for Dispensing


When a prescription is received, the PharmaSafe PS-50 will activate several proprietary security procedures. The pharmacy safes will not allow access to medications without waiting out the preset time delays (ranging from zero to sixty minutes).  Then it will allow the requested count and dispensing of medication for a particular prescription to begin.

Narcotic Safes


Narcotics are securely locked up and encased in a secure metal cabinet so robbers do not have access to controlled substances.  Providing a safe and more secure work environment is a top priority to Pharmasafe.

Silent Alarm

PharamaSafe products have duress/hold-up silent alarm to alert police if pharmacy is being robbed.

Visual Deterrent

Custom Pharamsafe window sticker for external visual deterrent states all prescriptions will take 15 minutes to dispense pharmacist does not have access during that time.

Increase Your Bottom Line


Deter Internal Narcotic Diversion


Internal theft from pharmacy employees is also on the rise.  As larger chain stores have moved in to the pharmacy business, employees have less connection (loyalty) with their employer.  The standard locking metal key cabinet has not been sufficient to control access to these medications and curb internal controlled substance diversion.
Pharmasafe offers:
  • State of the art electronic safe controls and documents each assess to the safe.
  • Authentication options include PIN code, Dallas key pad control, finger print reader, card swipe device.
  • Wrong try count penalty lockout.
  • Controls and audits access of up to 6 separate compartments in safe.

Advanced Automated Counting Technology
Frees Up Pharmacist Time


Pharmasafe's systems store, count, and release all drugs under computer control to ensure highly accurate prescription filling. Our units are unrivaled in their use of bar code scanning, security, and software protocols for dispensing of Narcotic medications.  We offer tight inventory control so that your pharmacists can spend their time in bottom line enhancing activities such as patient counseling.


The PharmaSafe50 saves Pharmacists time and your payroll by using automated narcotic dispensing. Narcotic drug dispending is now fast, reliable, and easy.

Save on Insurance Premiums


Mis-fills, as well as internal and external theft, increase insurance premiums; costing pharmacies millions of dollars each year.  Pharmasafe automated and secure dispensing systems protect your pharmacy against the potential loss of your certification and license by recording all user access and providing a reporting system that complies with DEA requirements.

Reduce Civil Liability

A pharmacy runs the risk of being sued by customers and employees when a pharmacy is robbed. If there is a fatality the liability is even greater. Pharamsafe deters theft from happening so the monetary liability risk is greatly reduced or even eliminated.
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