Pharmacy Robbery Preparation & Response Certification Training


This training course uses PROVEN methods WHICH HAVE SAVED LIVES & can enhance personal safety during a robbery in the Pharmacy

When faced with a robbery,
will fear and adrenaline drive your pharmacy staff to react in ways that increase the risk of violence?


 With the right training,
your staff will gain the confidence and strategies needed to reduce the risk of injury and manage threatening events


      • Have you done the simple things to reduce your risk to robbery?

      • Is your Pharmacy prepared to defend against the inevitable threat of robbery?

      • Have you taken the simple yet necessary steps to protect your staff and customers?

      • Are you and your business at risk of litigation because you have not provided training and protection against this epidemic threat?

      • When faced with a robbery, fear and adrenaline often drive pharmacy staff to react in ways that escalate this dangerous situation and increase the risk of violence!

With the right training:

Your staff will learn PROVEN strategies which will reduce their risk of injury while gaining the confidence to safely and properly manage threatening events.

**CE Credits Available**


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